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We care about aesthetics, as well as powerful and harmonious lines.


We care about aesthetics, as well as powerful and harmonious lines.

We bring your ideas to life and walk by your side as they evolve.

Thanks to 3D rendering, we can create smart and original pieces. Pieces that are up to par with the spaces you create.

Cutting-edge software
Drawing created by our 3D rendering system

Cutting-edge software

We use cutting-edge software to create precise and elaborate blueprints that will allow you to clearly visualize the end result.

Our vision

We support you from the start of your project and use our expertise to serve your aspirations. We create unique pieces of practical and decorative furniture that are specifically adapted to your needs and projects. We collaborate with you to conceive ingenious and unique pieces that simplify your everyday life and transform decor into art.

We excel in many styles and trends characterized by strong and evocative lines, such as Art Nouveau, postmodernism and Art Deco. By mastering different styles, we’ve been able to develop our own unique signature inspired by the environment and the material themselves.

Our approach

Our approach

  1. You come to us with your ideas or your original plans.

  2. We create a customized solution adapted to your ideas.

  3. We go on-site to take measurements.

  4. We create the piece using a 3D rendering software.

  5. We produce the piece while respecting the pre-approved schedule.

  6. We receive your approval and the approval of your client.

  7. We deliver and install the pieces.

  8. We remain available for maintenance and after-sale service.